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Fantasia Divinity Magazine ~ Ebook/Paperback ~ Together We Are Complete

Excerpt from Together We Are Complete

A tornado always sent a rush through her. A sick fascination wrapped in fear, excitement, and the destruction it promised. But the sounds. The wind crashing through the trees, making the limbs bend and hiss, and then wrapping around the house causing the wood to groan. She could hear the rain and hail as it too promised to punish everything it touched.

The Sirens Call eZine You can download issue #43 Women in Horror and read Murdering My Sweet … it’s free!

Excerpt from Murdering My Sweet

There was always the risk of getting caught and her friends finding out and laughing at her. She could see the headlines; career woman turned serial killer found dejected, and drunk. The danger loomed over her and sat on her shoulders like a physical weight. It threatened her future, but if she stopped, she knew its poison was going to taint the smallest of things. Still she needed to accept she had a life. A very successful life. And he wasn’t worth it. Never was.

Women in Horror Annual has Desert’s Dwellers Amazon ~ paperback

Excerpt from Desert’s Dwellers

Lucy followed the direction and saw Roy’s Liquor Store. “You would find the liquor store. I hope old Roy has a red wine.”

            “I’m sure he chooses only the best vintages and has them delivered straight from Napa. This place looks like they’re snobby wine drinkers.”

            “Laugh it up, funny man.”

            Luke chuckled at her and giving her a sideways glance said, “Look we made it.” Flicking the turn signal he turned right easing over the speed bumps and into the parking lot of the Desert Sands Motel. Not the plush hotel he envisioned, he thought as he chose a space close to the office. Parking the car, he let the engine idle, he liked the sound, and turned off the engine. “Do you want to go in with me or stay here?”