Moonlight Territory

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Kayne Sinclair “The sins of my past have come for my blood.”

After decades of chasing his demons and sacrificing his pack, Alpha Kayne Sinclair has left the Department of Justice and returned to the Moonlight Territory to take his place as alpha. His homecoming is bittersweet. While he’s found the one person capable of giving him the redemption and forgiveness he longs for—Macelaine Grayson—Pureblood daughter of a fallen alpha, his pack has united their numbers against him. With an old enemy coming for him and tensions rising among his own, Kayne faces losing Moonlight, his coveted redemption, and the woman he swore to protect.

Macy Gray “I’ve become the monster other monsters fear.”

Newly retired Bureau of Paranormal Investigations Detective, Macy Gray is no longer fighting for justice, she’s fighting the shadow of her former self and the humanity she lost. As she grapples to hold onto the shreds of her human life, she knows she shouldn’t exist—Macelaine Grayson—lycanthrope, should be dead, killed by the same assassin who took her parents’ lives. While she hides within the protection of a powerful, vampire lord’s coven, she shuts everyone out, including Kayne, as she fights being Macelaine … a ghost resurrected.

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After disobeying a direct order Detective Macy Gray with the Bureau of Paranormal Investigations is desperate to save her career and will do anything to prove herself. Sabotaging her chance to clear her name are rumors of a spy within the BPI and a new breed of shapeshifters that are terrorizing the city. Her innocence is put to the test when the Department of Justice sends in their paranormal team, Blood Rain, to investigate. Macy is under pressure and time is running out when she learns the team leader is from her hometown and it dredges up memories better left forgotten. There is no room for failure as Macy struggles to protect the innocent, battles accusations, and tries to keep the agent from proving her guilty.

Alpha Kayne Sinclair, agent, and team leader of Blood Rain isn’t interested in the BPI, its detectives, their problems, or playing lie detector for the DOJ. That all changes when Kayne believes an enemy from his past is in the desert. Tormented by failure and fueled by the demons haunting him, he chases revenge in hopes of redemption. Until he crosses paths with Detective Gray, who draws him into the investigation with her lies, her connection to a fearsome vampire lord, and her history with the werewolf he is hunting.

Fighting against Agent Sinclair’s determination to destroy her career, Macy will have to find the strength to save herself and that will mean reliving her past to accept her future.

Kayne’s indecision about Detective Gray and his need for vengeance are a deadly mix and if he isn’t careful, it will get him killed before he is ever granted forgiveness.

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