Cascade Saga

Death holds the Cascade pack in its clutches.

Are they strong enough to survive or will they collapse and become its prey? Burned by betrayal…Jordyn Langston, a Pureblood werewolf, risked living as a rogue and left her pack. For three years, she has hidden her strange power and identity. Forced back to Trinity, her powers begin to morph, changing her future, exposing her past, and putting her life in danger.

A man surviving under the shadow of failure…To establish his strength and worth, Rutger Kanin, serves as the Director of Enforcers for the Cascade pack. When an evil invades the territory, leaving dead bodies in its wake, the pack begins to doubt his ability. Struggling to redeem himself, Rutger focuses on the threat.Power, secrets, and evil…Rutger doesn’t understand the change in Jordyn, her power, and what it means to the pack. As the killers close in and the death count rises, Jordyn becomes a target.

Will Rutger be able to protect Jordyn from the evil pursuing her? Or will Jordyn make the ultimate sacrifice for her pack?

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Thrust back into the Cascade pack as their enshrined soothsayer, Jordyn Langston is battling her inner scars while navigating her surging powers. Adding to the mounting accusations against her is Baron Kanin’s quest to draw them deeper into the past and toward the forbidden dark ages. His actions and her silence cause the pack to feel increasingly threatened with losing the humanized world they created and the safety they covet. Lies weave through truth as the eyes of the pack target Jordyn and put her in the crosshairs of the divide ripping them apart.

Rutger Kanin, Jordyn’s fated mate and Director of Enforcers, harbors secrets of his own … he fears will destroy his relationship with Jordyn. Rutger and his enforcers keep watch for outside threats against the pack as he silently watches Jordyn slip further away from him and into a world constructed of betrayal, deceit, and those fighting to acquire power. It’s up to Jordyn and Rutger to protect the pack when primordial adversaries, with a feud spanning hundreds of years, arrive in Cascade’s territory, threaten their clansmen, and challenge her powers. With their presence adding conflict to the division, will Rutger be able to protect Jordyn and stop the intruders from taking the pack’s soothsayer and his fated mate?

Will the pack cast their doubts aside to unite and give Jordyn and Rutger the strength they need to protect them from the invading ancient magic?

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Rutger Kanin – Born into privilege and into the irons of duty.
Jordyn Langston – Scion of power and symbol of hope.

Jordyn Langston, soothsayer for the Cascade pack and newly promoted detective with the Organized Paranormal Investigations, lives in two worlds—magic-born and human. Hired for her werewolf senses,she investigates a missing person and soon finds herself caught in a web of fae politics and dangerous magics. With the line between her duties to the pack and law enforcement blurring, she struggles to maintain a balance while concealing her mounting powers.

Rutger Kanin, Director of Enforcers and Second to the Alpha, obediently serves the pack and upholds Cascade’s canons. Until they fail him. Risking punishment and his status, he uses every resource available—good or bad—to assemble a team of mercenaries. While his lies multiply, he watches his fated mate, Jordyn, drift further from him. Her absence opens old wounds exposing a weakness others threaten to exploit.

When the strength of the pack is tested, it creates a deadly trap putting Rutger and Jordyn on opposite sides and in the crosshairs of those who fear their power and those who want them dead.

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