Cascade Wolves ~ Crimson Series

Clio Hyde, an emergency room doctor at Celestial Medical Center, treats the injured, helps the weak, and upholds the canons of the pack. She thought she had seen it all, witches, elves, and fairies—until a victim of an assassination attempt is brought in with an unusual wound to prove her wrong. Clio calls the pack’s police force, the Enforcers, to investigate and comes face to face with Captain Wolt, his rich cinnamon eyes, and unyielding will. Her carefully crafted world starts to unravel when she’s drawn into the investigation and begins to rely on the captain’s strength. Clio finds herself wanting more and fearing getting hurt.

Captain of Enforcers, Ansel Wolt, has a lifetime of secrets he has kept from the Cascade pack. Motivated by the ghosts haunting him he builds walls of protection and navigates through life untethered. His defenses are threatened when an enemy from his dark past targets those around him, endangers his relationship with Dr. Hyde, and leaves death in their wake. Ansel must protect his pack, but it means risking exposing his lies and losing their trust. Can he find his enemies before the territory and those close to him pay the ultimate price? Will Clio and Ansel’s desire for one another survive the threats surrounding them or will they become the next victims?

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Crimson Steel ~ Cascade Wolves ~ Book Two

Blood bound to a powerful faction of magic-born and stalked by a relentless assassin, Cascade pack’s Captain of Enforcers Ansel Wolt is forced to deny himself his fated mate. Despite the threats coming from every direction, Ansel navigates a twisted web of lies and heart-breaking betrayal. To protect Clio Hyde from his past, he takes to the shadows to watch over his mate and protect what is his.

Doctor Clio Hyde, personal physician to the ruling Kanin dynasty, is plagued with the feeling she is missing precious memories. While she struggles to remember the past, she faces a phantom who prowls her dreams and whose presence drifts into her world. With no way of learning the truth without exposing a weakness, and endangering her status within the coveted inner circle, she keeps her fears a secret.

When the web of lies begin to unravel and crash around him, will Ansel be able to protect his mate? Or will he lose her to his enemy?

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